Why a Dermatologist Should Remove Your Skin Tags and How It's Done

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Why a Dermatologist Should Remove Your Skin Tags and How It's Done

25 October 2018
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It's common for skin tags to appear on the neck. While they usually don't pose any medical concern, it can be embarrassing to have the tags in such a visible location. Plus, the tags may become irritated by jewelry or clothing and feel sore or itchy. Removing them is an option to consider, but it's best to avoid DIY attempts. Instead, a dermatologist can get rid of your skin tags with a simple procedure. Here's why you should avoid DIY skin tag removal and how a dermatologist can help.

Why You Should Pass on DIY Skin Tag Removal

Many skin tag treatments you find on the internet are not effective. While they may not harm you, they probably won't help much either. This might cause disappointment if you want to get rid of the tags for a special occasion and the treatment fails. Worse yet, the treatment may irritate your skin and cause red splotches that draw attention to your skin tags.

Some home treatments can even be painful. Tying off a tag with dental floss may eventually kill the tag, but it might be a painful process, and once the floss is knotted you won't be able to get it off if it becomes painful. Part of the tag may die and fall off while the stalk remains alive and sore. You might even experience bleeding and get an infection.

How a Dermatologist Removes Skin Tags

A dermatologist can remove skin tags in a couple of ways. He or she might freeze the tag so it dies and falls off on its own in a few days. Another option is to cut off the tag. The doctor will numb the tag first and then snip it off at the base. This may be followed with cautery to prevent bleeding. Cutting off the skin tag gets rid of it instantly, but it may take several days for your skin to completely heal and the scab to fall away. 

Skin tag removal is usually a cosmetic procedure, so you'll need to pay out of pocket. However, if your tags cause discomfort or bleeding, then tell the dermatologist about all of your problems and symptoms in case the procedure can be deemed medically necessary, in which case insurance might help cover the cost. Skin tag removal is an easy procedure to endure, so it's worth considering if you feel embarrassed about how the tags affect your appearance.

For more information about skin tag removal and other types of cosmetic dermatology procedures, contact a dermatologist today.